What Do We Need To Maintain Good Health?

What do we need to maintain good health?  That obviously is the million dollar

question and hopefully as you work through this book you will realise the answer is easy and within the reach of every child and adult.


That is the amazing thing!


You do not need a university degree!  You do not have to be a fanatic and devote your whole life to improved fitness.  Once you are headed in the right direction your body will respond very quickly.  Once your health habits are in place you will find the pursuit of better fitness very natural.  Most people shake their heads in amazement at the vast improvement with such a minimal effort.


It is my opinion that to achieve success you need the following three things:


  • Knowledge

Although you do not need copious quantities of facts it is important that you understand what you are doing.  You should be able to clearly answer, the following:

  1. What are you trying to achieve?
  2. How hard should I train?
  3. How much time is required?
  4. How do I know if I am improving?
  5. What changes can I expect?
  6. What are my short and long term benefits?
  7. How do I maintain interest in the program?
  8. The role of aerobics, exercise and diet?
  9. How do I achieve safe and gradual improvement with sustained effort?
  10. What can I expect in later life?


It is important that you clearly understand that


SIMPLICITY – Is The Key To Success.


Apply the basic principles and you will simply improve on a day to day basis.


I remember working with a 34 year old lady who was really in very poor condition, she could only jog for 34 seconds.  She clearly understood what she wanted to achieve but always started too hard and became very frustrated because it was too difficult and she did not enjoy the effort.  I started her on a twenty week program starting naturally at week one.  Week one meant a one minute aerobic activity and one repetition of a number of exercises.  Her whole week one work­out was finished in about three minutes.  But she was happy and she did not do any extra.  Week two naturally was two minutes aerobic activity and two repetitions of each exercise.  Provided she was happy with her program she added one more minute each week till she did a re-test at week 4, 8, 12, 16, 20.  It was so simple it was funny.  In fact people did laugh at the week one program.  By the end of week 20 she was jogging non-stop for 20 minutes, performing 20 repetitions of the majority of her exercises and had started to show significant weight loss.  She now maintains her 20 week program and is extremely fit! She is the one who had the last laugh!  So please make sure you understand the basics of your program – start simple – and enjoy the benefit.


Still, knowledge on its own is often not enough.  Take for example cigarette smoking.  We all know it is a health hazard but over 30% of us still smoke.  What about drink driving, drugs, pain killers, high fat, salt and sugar foods, inactivity, stress and so on.  We know the facts but it takes more, often much more to change…


  • Desire and Attitude

You have to want to do it.  No one can force you to get fit and stay that way.  The
old saying “You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” has special
meaning in regards to your fitness.  You have to want to achieve a certain goal.  It has to become a definite priority in our crazy, merry-go-round world, that often goes so fast that it seems impossible to get off.  Your attitude has to be strong because there are many negative forces trying to get you to take the easy life.  That little “man” in your head will constantly remind you – Why are you doing this? Take it easy!  Sit down!  Have a beer!  Do it tomorrow!  Besides it is too hot!


You will be strong, if you have one overriding reason to follow your progress – You want to do it! The pursuit of fitness is definitely not a “piece of cake” and even though success is easy you must remember it is just as easy to do very little.  The only difficult thing is that you remain positive and stick to your program.  Once you taste success and notice benefits, that is when your track to fitness becomes a nice long highway … hopefully highway 100!


  • Improved Self-Esteem

That one lasting ingredient.  You are beginning to like what you see in the mirror.  You are happy with your improved energy and fitness levels.  Possibly you are beating a time for a run, you find you are able to walk up the stairs at work and you are not puffing, your doctor tells you your blood pressure is down, the scales clearly indicate you have lost weight, you are coping with the stresses of home, school or work much better, regular toilet habits have eliminated previous constipation, and the list goes on.  I clearly remember turning 30 years of age.  I started doing more jogging especially on the beach.  I used to run from Avoca to North Avoca and back, a distance of 3 klms in a relaxed time of 15 minutes.  My pulse was always around 156 beats per minute.  Absolutely no problem.  Then I turned 40! I found that if I did the above run my pulse was around 120 beats per minute.  That meant my heart and circulatory system was over 20% more efficient and I was 10 years older.  It really is a great thrill and that is one of the major reasons why I am happy and motivated to maintain my fitness program.


The same will happen to you especially if you give yourself time to really appreciate and notice the benefits.


“It Really Is Simply Marvellous”

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